Delia on Tomorrow’s World in 1965

On this day in 1965, Delia appeared on the BBC’s popular science programme Tomorrow’s World to explain the basis of electronic music. Clips from this episode have appeared in previous radiophonic documentaries such as BBC Four’s Alchemists of Sound and Kara Blake’s The Delian Mode, but as far as I know this is the first time since the original broadcast that the complete report has been shown. It’s great to see the BBC Archive sharing this rare clip.

The Tomorrow’s World report shows Delia working on a track called Pot au Feu, which was later released on the 1968 album BBC Radiophonic Music. It’s fascinating to see how she uses a complex mixture of acoustic ‘found sounds’ and pure electronic tones to create each layer.

Some of these tape loops are later reworked to great effect in Way Out, one of Delia’s tracks on the Standard Music Library’s album of electronic music. The ascending, three-note phrase heard from 4.34 in the Tomorrow’s World video is also reminiscent of the haunting intro to The Delian Mode, another of her acclaimed tracks from BBC Radiophonic Music. I guess it might be the same source sound, re-pitched and treated differently for an equally atmospheric effect.


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